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March 2010 • Edition 10.09

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Kevin's Korner

It's time for spring planting! Southern California's spring planting season begins on the first of March, so get ready! Those who make sure to set aside extra time for gardening in spring and again in fall find that their gardens require less maintenance during the cool winter and hot summer months. At other times, especially in March and April and again during September and October, some gardeners even spend entire days working outdoors. These are the months when most of the planting is done.

During the month of March you can plant most summer annuals and perennials, warm-season and cool-season lawns from seed, some cool-season and most warm-season vegetables, and almost all permanent garden plants, such as trees, shrubs, ground covers, and vines. (Be sure to wait a month or two to put in tropicals. They'll take off better in warmer weather.) If you've never gardened before you couldn't choose a better time to start, because you'll soon see results. One of the wonderful things about our sunny climate is how quickly it makes the garden grow. Gardeners with low-lying or mesa-top gardens should still be aware of cool temperatures at night and the possibility of frost until March fifteenth, even late April in some foothill locations, but for most of us the weather has warmed up for sure. Winter is officially over! Spring is here!

Vegetable Ad

Irrigation Workshop for your
Edible Landscape & Spring Veggies

The Who, What, When, Where and How of Irrigation for ALL your Edible Landscaping...“Water is a great tool in the garden. It Can bring Life and production... OR...It can bring Sickness and Death”.

Richard will help you learn the Wright way to use water!

Encinitas Garden Tour

Join us for a tour of four very special and diverse gardens in the Encinitas neighborhoods of Olivenhain and Leucadia. Visit some of the most original gardens around! Learn more about the tour here.


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