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December 2010 • Edition 10.48

Kevin's Korner

Merry Christmas

Welcome Baby Emily!

Baby Emily

We're happy to announce that
Jennifer, our marketing and graphic designer, has
given birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl!
Both mommy and baby are doing well!
We can't wait for Jennifer's return in March and
we wish her and her family all the best!

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Manager's Corner



Rosemary treeThe rosemary can withstand 10 - 20 degree temperatures, can endure hot sun and poor soil but does require good drainage. Will grow to 6’ tall and growth can be controlled by pruning. Although rosemary is not a houseplant it can be enjoyed indoors for the holidays.

These mini trees can be decorated with bows, lights, and miniature ornaments. The plants make a great table centerpiece for a holiday gathering. They also make a special gift for friends visiting for a holiday get together.

Rosemary is wonderfully fragrant when touched. These trees are edible and can be used to create a beautiful aroma and flavor for culinary usage.
While these plants are well suited to brief periods indoors, they do need lots of light to grow and thrive. In order to keep them looking great follow this care guide:

  • Place near a window where it will receive bright light and keep the soil moist.

  • After the holidays, re-pot to a larger container and move outdoors where temperatures above 32 degrees. Use your new rosemary plant to decorate a porch or deck; plant in a large container with other bedding plants around the base.

  • Do not allow the soil to dry out. Keep moist by watering daily. Water enough for drainage through the bottom drain holes.

For more care and transplanting instructions into the ground and suggested uses of Rosemary, click on


Aleppo PineThe Aleppo pine can withstand 0 - 10 degree temperatures, thrive in desert heat, drought and wind. Also good at the seashore. Tolerates poor soils and difficult arid climates. The tree grows moderately fast, 12 - 20’ in 5 years, 30’ - 60’ at maturity.

They have a deep root system so are not a problem in strong winds. While the tree is in the pot, do not allow the soil to dry out. Keep moist by watering daily. Water enough for drainage through bottom drain holes.


Aleppo pines are not intended to be houseplants. They need to be moved to an outside location as soon as the holidays are completed.

For more care and transplanting instructions, click on


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