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April 2011 • Edition 11.13

Horticultural Seminar

Kevin's Korner

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Vineyards catching on with avocado growers and investors
North County Times - The Californian

Kevin Grangetto

SAN DIEGO ---- A trellis of wooden posts, wire and irrigation system popped up alongside a chain link fence on the side of Grangetto's Farm and Garden Supply in Escondido about two years ago.

Nothing much happened with it until recently. The 30 Cabernet Sauvignon grape vines planted along the trellis still need another year to mature, but they're catching everyone's eyes ---- particularly avocado growers.
In January, about 90 local growers, wine hobbyists and investors showed up to attend a workshop on how to replicate Grangetto's wine grape trellis.

"There's a lot of interest out there," said Kevin Grangetto, co-owner of the farm and supply store.

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April 16, 2011
10am – 2pm

Join us for a fundraising event for our Endowment Foundation. If you like history, flowers, or interesting landscapes, don't miss our tour four local gardens that began as ranches. Three are from the 1920s and one from the 1940s.

Only $15 – to purchase tickets:

  • In advance: at the History Center in Grape Day Park for only $12.50
  • At any garden on April 16th
    • Call 760-746-4382 for the addresses

Encinitas Garden Festival & Tour 2011
April 30 from 10 am to 5 pm

This year's tour features well established gardens along picturesque tree-lined streets and large lots with historic architecture, complimented by ocean and backcountry views. There are mediterranean style gardens, succulent gardens, tropical gardens and gardens that beautifully blend a variety of styles.

Shop, learn, and eat at the FREE Gardeners’ Marketplace along the festival route

  • Gardens of all sizes and styles
  • Boutique plant vendors, garden books, garden art and more
  • Talks about growing vegetables, saving water in the garden, composting and more

More about the Encinitas Garden Festival & Tour

Manager's Corner

Harvesting the Rain

What’s wrong with taking sometimes chlorinated tap water from your spigot and applying it to your garden with a sprinkler?

How about if we use the water the heavens poured down on us instead? How about instead of allowing that water to run off into streets  and drains, we could literally harvest it?  We could store it and then deliver it with precision to our plants at the exact rate we choose.

It’s hard to believe that at one time water was so plentiful that we put up rain gutters to guide it off our property.

In recent years there have been advances in the capture, storage and delivery of rainwater. You can choose from a purely functional rain barrel to a container that is literally garden art that will be an attractive part of your landscape.  Concerns about mosquitos, corrosion, and old-fashioned “ugly” have all been addressed.

People who go away for weekends in the summer, take vacations, or just don’t want to water all of the time have found that drip irrigation from your rain barrel will give your plants optimum hydration, while you get to recall what you built this landscape for... entertaining friends and relaxing with your family.

Rainwater Harvesting Ad

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