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June 2009 • Edition 9.23

Kevin's Korner

The month of June signals the first day of summer. Is your landscape ready? We have a great selection of water saving products to help you prepare your gardens, landscapes, and fruit trees for the month ahead. Ants will start moving in as the weather warms and we have Amdro Ant Bait in stock to help control those pesky pests.

We are introducing a new product this month called Plant Success, from Kellogg's! This product has mycorrhizae, beneficial soil organisms that assist in the root's ability to absorb water and nutrients whose presence results in improvement of a plant's overall health.

New from Ortho is Eco Sense Indoor Insect Control, which uses 100% natural soybean oil as the active ingredient! It is safe to use around kids and pets and is non-staining. Gilmour Flexogen Hoses are on sale this month along with all the Gilmour accessories to help you meet your water conservation goals!


Manager's Corner

New Products for Your Home Landscapes

CA Native Grass MixThis month, Grangetto's is offering two new choices in turfgrass lawns. Each are unique in their own way. One is for the "laid back", back to nature type person. The Native Grass Mix, featured this month, is a mix of CA native grasses, including the CA State Grass( bet you didn't know there is one) Purple Needlegrass! Easy care, mow or not, easy on the water, minimal fertilizer. Can't get easier than that! CA Poppies and Native Wildflowers would finish the natural setting beautifully.

Princess Hybrid Bermuda GrassThe other choice is for the more refined, high maintenance type. Princess Hybrid Bermudagrass, the one and ONLY hybrid bermuda from seed, will give your yard that manicured, golf course look. A reel mower is best, that way Princess can be maintained at around 3/16-1.5in every 3-5 days. And water is a non issue with Princess! A warm season grass, Princess can get by with watering 2-3 times a week , even in 100 degree heat.

Other New Products


Be sure to read about
The Benefits of Mycorrihzae


The front landscape at Grangetto’s Farm and Garden Supply in Fallbrook is sporting a new look this month after removal of the 70’s style pre-drought plantings.  The makeover was designed and planted by Botanical Partners, a wholesale/retail grower and longtime associate in neighboring Vista. The new plantings, which include low water tolerant flowering shrubs, colorful succulents and ground covers, will serve as a community demonstration garden.  The landscape will be monitored to track the expected water and money savings.  The list of plants used in the design, along with brochures full of landscaping tips from various water agencies, will be available to the public at the store.

This is the third alternative landscape to be installed at the stores, the other locations being Escondido and Encinitas.  All four Grangetto’s locations offer water saving irrigation fixtures that are eligible for rebates and many other water conserving ideas on our website


Grangetto’s, Fallbrook BEFORE


Grangetto’s, Fallbrook AFTER


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