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July 2009 • Edition 9.27

Kevin's Korner

July is Smart Irrigation Month and while that shouldn't require us to only think about our irrigation systems in July we should be aware that many cities in our region are increasing rates and instituting water restrictions on July 1. I would urge you to contact your local water supplier and make sure you know how to read your meter and understand your water billing rates. Let the experts at Grangetto's help you make your irrigation system work to its optimum! Check out for the latest information on rebates, vouchers, and products to help you conserve this valuable resource.

Take a look at our specials this month to help you with your lawn, landscape, and pest control around your home. The Squirrelinator has proven to be a great trap to catch those pesky squirrels! It is only $47.99 this month (reg price $59.99). For those pests around your home (not your neighbors!) we have Bayer Power Force Multi-Insect Killer on sale in 10# bags and 32 oz Ready-to-spray sizes.


Manager's Corner

July kicks off water conservation month in California, and what a great time for extra awareness to be publicized. With the San Diego County Water Authority declaring tier 2 water increases, and the water districts mandating water rationing for outdoor irrigation; people are asking themselves how do I conserve water, and what do I use?  There are basic things you can do to start to become more efficient.

  • Check run times on your irrigation, look for leaking valves, and broken sprinklers and pipes
  • Adjust pressure regulators on irrigation systems, or adjust flow control on valves to eliminate misting from your sprinklers.
  • Replace existing spray heads with Hunter Mp Rotators®, these rotating sprinklers reduce runoff, and put out about 1/3 the water of a regular spray head.
  • Install ET Based irrigation controllers such as Hunter’s Solar Sync® or Weathrematic’s SmartLine®. These state of the art controllers and weather stations factor in soil type, sprinkler type, geographical area, moisture, and solar radiation, to take the guess work out of how long you should water for.

Now is a great time to get involved with water conservation. The state has allocated millions of dollars for homeowners and landscapers to get rebates of irrigation equipment, and at the same time you will be saving money on your water bill.  

Grangetto’s staff is available by phone, email or in person. Visit one of our four convenient locations to get more information and to see the latest “water saving” irrigation technology available to you.


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